3 Pre-Practice Tips to Implement when Learning Muay Thai

If you’ve made a final decision that you want to train Muay Thai in Thailand, then there are certain habits which you should apply to your lifestyle. It is important to train hard when training but it is also important that you prepare yourself for the training which is coming in way. It is very important to take proper rest post training, so as you can see, to make your training successful, you’ll have to adapt changes and welcome them, because that is your way for reaching destination, in this case your destination is being a Muay Thai fighter.

I think you are eager to know what habits I’m talking about, Well the changes you should make are; healthy eating, proper rest, proper form and practice techniques. Once you have implemented them to your lifestyle then you’ll see things falling into place and in no time you’ll see yourself chasing the footsteps of a Muay Thai fighter.

3 Pre-Practice Tips when Training Muay Thai :

1. Eat Healthy before Training
While training Muay Thai, your body requires energy to keep your body going, it is very important that you eat before going to Muay Thai camp. It is important that you fuel your body with food which is healthy as well as enriched with vitamins and minerals. Don’t overeat because you may feel nauseas during training, eat at least 2 hours before training. You can also drink a protein shake before training, protein shakes digest faster than solid food.

2. Warming Up and Stretching
Before beginning any workout or training, it is very important that you perform warm up exercises and stretches. Warm up signals your body and tell your senses to get ready for training. Stretching your muscles before training prevents the risk of injury and muscle getting pulled.

3. Shadow Boxing
Experts say that practicing shadow boxing regularly helps you improve Muay Thai skills. Ask your camp instructor and he will say the same, shadow boxing is a great way to practice your skills and helps you take better fight decisions quicker. Shadow boxing for few minutes before training makes your mind more attentive and helps you focus more on your training.

So if you implement the above tips in your training then you’ll see huge improvement in your Muay Thai skills.

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