Managing your Brand Identity

Brand identity is more that the trademark or product image. It is a reflection of what your company is and how your customers view your company. Through the brands that you have put forth into the market, customers are able to judge how serious you are. The task of managing your brand identity involves:

  • Having a vision for the brand
  • Promoting brand culture
  • Positioning the brand
  • Giving your brands a personality

Here are some tips on managing your brand identity:

  • In order for your brand to linger in the minds of customers, you need to associate it with something. For example, manufacturers of LED flat screen televisions use the image of top football teams to put the message across. With such an association, you can connect between crystal clear images and a winning team. That is exactly the same idea you should incorporate into your brand. Look for simple things that customers can quickly relate with.
  • Make creative ads to promote the brand. Seek the intervention of a creative ad agency. They will be able to transform your vision into a concept and come up with a television commercial, newspaper ad or billboard that will sell the brand to potential clients. You must have experienced the power of advertising. Think of an ad that moved you to try out a product. Apply the same mobility and watch as your brand starts growing.
  • Build relationships with other players in the industry. These include dealers, merchandisers, transporters and retailers. These are the channels through which your brand changes hands before it reaches the final consumer. Market your brand extensively through these partners. Make them like to have your products in stock. Give them incentives based on the volumes they buy for resale. A good incentive that works perfectly is that of discounts.
  • Allocate enough funds for the purpose of promoting your brand. As you have realized by now, your brand is not just the service or the goods on sale, it is you. Some customers will not even bother to find out who is behind the product. To them the manufacturer and the product are synonymous. Keep your brand identity alive. This is something you expect to last for a long time to come. Develop and nurture it.
  • Protect your brand’s identity. Ensure that your trademark, signs and logos have been patented and protected by law. If any other business wishes to make use of it, they must pay you for it. Deal with any infringements accordingly. Failure to do so could provide room for infiltration of brands that are perceived to come from you. There are some clever and conniving business people who may bring to the market products that tend to confuse customers. You should be on the lookout for such malpractices.

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